Not Much

I got nothing. Truly nothing to blog about. But I feel like I haven't blogged in ages. Um...work is fine. Excited for the day when I can just be a trophy wife and not work. Yay for me working though and keeping the student loans significantly lower than they would be had I not. I'll be really glad I did it, I'm sure.

Mike's internship is going well. It's just all about getting more experience, and they love him there, of course.

I can't even believe that we only have a year left. Everybody that we went to high school with is just starting law school this year and we're finishing. I know, slightly cocky of me, but I am just so proud of my man.

It is totally crazy to me that the summer is almost over! It's definitely bittersweet. Good to go back to Oklahoma to just get this last year over with, but always sad to leave home. I do miss my house, and my friends, so if I can just keep those things in mind, going back should be easy.

Super excited for Norman in the Fall though. I really do love it. Once the heat has subsided anyway. Living in a college town during football season is crazy. Especially when I'm pretty sure that OU wouldn't even exist if there was no football. We have season tickets again, which is awesome! The waiting list for season tickets is like 7 years long or something, but because we're students, it's easier to get them. So we really need to take advantage of it, since this is our last year. Plus we may actually have family coming and visiting us this Fall, making this Fall the best yet!

MmmK, so now we're all caught up!   

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  1. I'm excited for that day too, but the sacrifice is worth it, right?