So much happiness going on!

I won tickets on the radio to Brad Paisley at the Stadium of Fire! Then my sister got jealous so I kept trying and then I won her some! All I can say is I should definitely do radio contests more often.

My dear friend had her sweet baby girl! I am so excited for her, even though it will be another month and a half until I actually get to meet her! Congrats dear!

It's a holiday weekend! Hip hip!

Mike's sister and her family are going to be sealed for eternity in the temple tomorrow! What a beautiful day it will be! We can't wait to share this special event with you!

My niece will be baptized on Saturday!

(I got a cute new dress to celebrate both occasions!)

We went to a parade a couple weeks ago. These are all our nieces and nephew and my side. Love them!

Mike got arrested by his brother (who is in the police academy). Bummer dude.....(so funny to watch though).

My niece is learning to write, and she is very into copying words. She has no idea what she is writing. She copied one of Mike's magazines. And then I love how she signed it. So precious.

We went hiking with Mike's folks! Hooray!


  1. oh my gosh!!! how lucky!! do you remember in the summer time we would spend hours on the phone trying to win tickets to something!!! hahaha!!! good times!! love that you won!!!

  2. Can't wait for you to meet Allie!:) Miss you love