A guy at work just gave me a full size Snickers bar. I don't remember the last time I ate a full size Snickers bar. And now I am forced to stare at it all day as it sits on my desk. Oh the temptation...

Today the high is supposed to be 73 degrees. I have a date with my running shoes later. Can't pass up the amazingness of this weather.

I was at Sams Club the other day to pick up some pictures that I had ordered. In addition to a bunch of other pictures, all different sizes (working on decorating the wall in my bedroom...pictures to come), I had ordered two 8x10's from my wedding. Note: I have previously ordered wedding pictures from Sams Club. I have gotten both a 11x14 and a 5x7 there. Anyway, she would not give me the two 8x10's I had ordered. She asked if I had my copyright release form with me. Seriously? Well if I even had one of those, I probably wouldn't carry it around in my purse with me. She said she couldn't give them to me without her getting a copy of the release. But I had gotten them printed of there before! Since they were already printed, I asked her what she was going to do with them if she didn't give them to me. Oh just shred them. What?! You already spent the money on printing them off, went to all the trouble, and now you are just going to shred them? Fine. Shred them. Because I don't have a copyright to give you, even though I own all the rights and own all the CD's. Yeah I know, she was just trying to follow the rules. Well I don't care, I know I own them. So just freaking give me my pictures!! Irritating. Do you know how easy it would be for me to type up my own copyright release form, forge it and give it to her? Geez. I own those pictures. Stupid. Sams Club definitely lost brownie points in my book.


  1. What weird weather you are having.
    Winter one day and summer the next. It's a sign of the times. I like your picture. I notice Mike's hair is a little longer than usual. You know what I think about that. You both look so cute.

  2. Oh Abby... Don't even get me started on this whole copyright thing. Walmart/Sam's is the WORST. They would not give me my wedding pictures on two different occasions. But everytime before that I printed them off just fine! The first incident I just said 'forget it' and I printed them at Walgreens no problem. The second time I tried to work with the lady and had my mom fax the copyright and everything and she STILL wouldn't give me the pictures. Oh I was more than upset! But seriously everytime they do that I think about sending in hundreds of pictures to just have them tell me that they won't give me MY OWN wedding pictures so that they can shred them and loose money haha... but i supressed my anger! Anyways I feel for ya girl!