I think that the whole world should be seen through sunglasses with a brown tint.
Everything looks so much warmer.
For some reason the colors seem brighter to me and the world seems so much more pleasant.
Mike disagrees.

How can the colors be brighter when they are seen through sunglasses that dim the light?
My response: Okay, maybe not brighter.....the colors are just more colorful.
I know, compelling argument huh?

I don't care.
I love brown tinted sunglasses.

Today I felt the humidity again for the first time since last summer.
Luckily it's only 60 degrees outside so it wasn't terrible.
It actually felt kind of nice.
Its supposed to rain later today, so the humidity is just the pre-storm.
I hope we get some lightning too.
I love Oklahoma lightning storms.

I started doing Zumba.
For all those who don't know, its an hour long workout class based around Latin dancing.
Personally, I feel more like I am doing a Bollywood dance.

But either way, it knocks my socks off.
So much fun!
And an awesome workout.
And the class is free.
I love free.

My husband looks so good in a suit.
Lucky for me he is going to be a lawyer.
He'll get to wear a suit every day.
The key is, will I actually get to see him in that suit?
Working 70 hours a week.
Poor guy.
I love him.

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  1. It is so fun for me to read you blogs. You are so creative and informative. By the way, I think your dad is a very handsome man in a suit but he wears one as little as possible. He would wear levis and a plaid shirt to church if he could get away with it.