Sight-Seeing, Fishing, Cheering...

Pops is a wonderful diner type restaurant that carries over 500 varieties of bottled soda pop. It sits on the world famous Route 66. As you can imagine, it is very popular. So of course, we had to try this place out. This weekend we traveled north about 45 minutes with some friends only to find out that the wait was 1 hour. So of course we wait.

While waiting we travel down the road to another Route 66 attraction, the "Arcadia Round Barn". You can schedule events in the barn, including weddings and receptions.

To take up the rest of our waiting, we laid (and played) outside on the grass, since it was a nice day. Definitely good times with good friends.

Later that day we all decided to go fishing. It was a race against the weather since there was a storm moving in but we had a good time. Mike and I both caught our first fish of the season (small but still special in their own way). Hopefully we will be able to go fishing many more times before we leave for Utah, since our fishing licenses are only good in Oklahoma.

I have been doing well in my NCAA bracket. I am beating Mike and thats really all I care about. We had the lucky opportunity to go see BYU play Kansas State at the Oklahoma City Ford Center. Our friend was able to get tickets for us because her husband plays for BYU.

The tickets are all day tickets so we also got to see the last half of the Northern Iowa-Kansas game. Wow, that was intense. And what an upset. The player in this picture was particularly sad at the end of the game. He just cried on the court, poor guy. Mike had Kansas winning the whole thing, along with 42 percent of America. Our seats were on the second row so we were right there next to the action.

Thank you so much Kiri, it was great to see your pretty face!


  1. It's fun to see you having fun doing so many different things.
    You are also making my mouth water!!! Could you make some of these goodies this summer for all of us?

  2. It's nice to see you having fun doing so many different things. Your goodies are making my mouth water!!! Will you make some of these yummy treats for all of this summer?

  3. YAY! Happy post! This was a busy weekend for you guys...better than being boring. Thanks for hanging out with us. I have contemplated about making the chocolate chip cookie dough brownies, but I'm too scared of eating the whole pan. I LOVE all the cute pics...you are a D O L L ! oh and thx for the st. patty's pic! that was FUN!

  4. yummy treats!!! looks like you guys had a fun weekend!! Your hair is getting LONG!!!

  5. Bakerella is one of my most favorite blogs. I made cake balls for my mom's wedding two years ago and they were gone in a nano second! Gotta love it!
    Hey, don't know what your plans are for when you get back to UT, but I have a basement now... if you need it.