Thunder Game

My work has season tickets to the Oklahoma Thunder and this past Friday, I got the tickets! They played the Boston Celtics, so needless to say, we lost pretty bad. But we still had a great time and our seats were pretty decent!
The parking garage that we parked in downtown for the game, gave every car the chance to get their money back for parking by giving the chance to shoot a free throw. If you make the shot, you get 5 dollars cash. Yes, Mike is just that amazing. He definitely made the shot. I am so proud. Here is his proud and crisp 5 dollar bill.
I have to admit though, my favorite part of the night was going home to my new KitchenAid Mixer that my parents got us for Christmas! We got it on our porch that day and I couldn't have been more excited! I just hugged the box and kept whispering I love you to it. And of course, I was up early the next morning putting it to use by making some chocolate chip cookies.
I am counting down the days until we get to go home for Christmas. Its a double whammy for both Mike and I. We get to see our families and I don't have to go to work and he doesn't have to go to school!

days to go!


  1. thats a good christmas....one day....when i have a big enough kitchen, i'll be asking for one of those.

  2. I got one for christmas a few years ago...i think I've used it twice.

  3. Oh that is the best Christmas present!! I LOVE those!!! But then I hate them. I swear I make cookies like once a week!! lol!!
    p.s. I think I perfected the no bake cookies finally!!! haha!!