Thanksgiving in Houston

Mike and I were lucky enough to spend Thanksgiving in Houston with Mike's brothers family! We spent a relaxing few days just hanging out with family and playing with our cute niece and nephew! We did some Black Friday shopping, ate some amazing Costco pizza, and went to Kemah...which is a town right on the coast. They have a pier with rides, games and restaurants. We ate at an aquarium restaurant, which the kids loved. We are so grateful to have family still so close to us here in Oklahoma! While we were there, our car got hit while parked in front of Mike's brothers house. Dumb guy just didn't pay attention while pulling out of his driveway. So now, our car is in the shop....being fixed after being hit for the 6th time. Next time it gets hit, I am getting rid of it. It has a hex on it or something.


  1. That sucks about your car! Hope it goes well! Can't wait to see you guys! Send a pic of your office you decorated! I'm anxious to see how you spent the $1000. That would be so fun!