Matching Shoes

I may be the biggest dork ever, but it just so happens that I don't really care. I did a little Christmas shopping yesterday, and came across a pair of mens shoes on clearance that I wanted. So I bought them. Merry Christmas to me....from me. Then I came home and showed Mike and pretty much begged him to let us go back and buy him a pair so that we could have matching shoes. He gave in....fairly easily. So now Mike and I have matching shoes. And it really makes me so excited! I feel like a 3 year old, I really don't want to ever take them off. I love having the same shoes as Mike. We are like twinners!And don't worry, in normal every day wearing circumstances, I wouldn't let Mike wear his black church socks with them. And I am hoping he would never want to.

Dear Utah, I miss you but don't worry, I will be there in
days! Please provide us with good flying weather so that we can get there on time.
Love, Me

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  1. I love that you two have matching shoes! In fact, I think you've inspired me to do the same. I hope Jonathan's as willing as Mike was. You two are adorable! We wish you luck on your trip back to Utah :)