Skateboard Genius

Happy Official Halloween to everyone yesterday. Mike and I celebrated by going to the OU vs. Kansas State game. We had a great time. Pretty much half of the crowd left during halftime to go and get ready for their drunken Halloween Parties that we could overhear all of them talking about. There is of course, something that always makes me laugh when surrounded by people like this. Anybody ever heard of a pocket shot? Well I have now. And the girl in front of me had a special thing for the rum pocket shots. It really is just a shot of alcohol in a plastic bag thing that you can just buy at the store. So she spiked her beer with rum......twice. Wow, pocket shots must be an alcoholic's dream come true. But she did make it through the entire game though....without falling over.
Something yesterday that made me smile: Mike and I are driving to Walmart and we see two little girls that had put cardboard boxes on top of skateboards, found some nice thick sticks, put on their helmets, climbed into the cardboard boxes and proceeded to row themselves down the sidewalk. So adorable.

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