And It Begins

Today was a great day for very simple reasons. One of these simple reasons was that Mike and I went to Michaels and bought this years Christmas candle. There is a specific Christmas smell that I love, and it is very particular. Finally last year, I came across the perfect candle that captured what I think Christmas smells like. And to make it even better, the candles are super cheap. 2 for $8 was what I got them for. So this year of course, I bought 2. Simple pleasures.
And for the update, the job is going well. It is stressful and the commute is a nightmare, but it will come together when I get more settled. The boss gave me $1000 to decorate my office! So I had a good time walking through Hobby Lobby and picking everything out. My position is actually a brand new position so as of right now, my desk and computer are being ordered so when its all put together I will take a picture and post it.

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  1. Holy freak. Were you allowed to save any of that money for yourself and not spend it on your office??? seriously, i want to know the answer to this. text me right now and tell me.