Letter #5 and Letter #6

Well we have made it over the hump. We got Letter #5 and #6 last week. We are almost there! The first letter that Mike received offered him admissions to
Lewis and Clark College!
Lewis and Clark is located in the beautiful Portland, Oregon. It would be very exciting to go there. I've always wanted to go to the Oregon coast and now I could have the opportunity to live there!

Mike got his sixth letter last Saturday, which is one that we have been really looking forward to getting. He was offered admissions to
Santa Clara University!
It is located in Santa Clara, California which is a little less than an hour from San Francisco. He was also offered a $5,000 scholarship. Mike really likes the idea of going to Santa Clara so who knows if we will end up there.

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  1. YAY!!! you fixed it.
    good abs.

    and all i really wanted to say was.....

    So where is your top choice so far?

    i coulda done that via facebook....but this is funnerrrr.