Letter #7 and #8

We got two more letters last week for law school! And of course, these two were just as exciting as the others! The first one that we received offered Mike admissions to the
University of Oklahoma!
The school is located in Norman, OK, which is right outside of Oklahoma City. He was offered a $7,000 scholarship to go there. And of course, Mike is just loving the idea of going to all the football and basketball games!

The other school that Mike got offered admissions to was, of course, the
University of Utah!
We have to admit, it doesn't really sound that exciting, because it isn't really that exciting since that is where we have been at school all along. But, its still an option and would make everything really easy. But still, kind of boring.


  1. So he got accepted to ALL the schools he applied to? That is impressive Abby! I'm excited for you

  2. Hmmm! Tough choice! I'm glad I'm not you guys! It's gonna take lots of praying and studying. Where ever you choose could change your lives forever!! So good luck! We'll be excited to hear what you decide.
    Oh, and by the way, I'm glad I can comment on your blog now!

  3. I can't believe how many options you guys have! Wow, what a blessing. I'm really excited to see where life takes you from here. Good luck in the selection process!