Family Fun and Letter #4

Over the weekend, we were lucky enough to have Mike's brother and his wife and there two kids, come into town from Houston. We haven't seen them in a really long time (I can't really remember to be honest). They have a little girl who turns 2 this weekend and then they just had a baby boy last October. It was so fun to see them and to spend some time with them and their cute kids.

A couple of days ago Mike received his fourth acceptance letter to law school.
He has been offered admissions to
Quinnipiac University!
It is located in Hamden, Connecticut and they also offered him a $28,000 scholarship. That is a lot of money! And the biggest scholarship he has been offered yet, so of course, that makes us think twice about it. Connecticut is just very, very far from Utah. But, Hamden is also an hour and a half from New York City, and two hours from Boston, so that makes it also pretty difficult to turn down. Anyway, now we are up to four letters and he has been accepted to all of them so far. This is going to prove to be a very difficult decision!

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