Time for a Change...

So today I got a new job. I am going to be doing Accounts Payable.....which is good since my major is Accounting. Plus the pay is more and I will be getting benefits. So I guess this is a good change. No, I know that this is a good change. But its just so hard. I really REALLY love my job right now. I have been at SLCC for 3 years and nothing beats it. It is so laid back and I LOVE the people that I work with and its been really good with school and my busy schedule. But I guess its just time for a change. Time to move on. I have to give my two weeks notice today and I am just nervous. Not that its a scary situation necessarily, I have an awesome supervisor but just because I am sad to leave and that will make it all real. But this is a good opportunity and I really shouldn't pass it up so I guess two more weeks and then I have to move on.

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