Last Friday, Mike and I had his niece and nephew sleepover at our apartment. What adventure that was! They are some wild kids, but I blame Mike for getting them all hyper. They came over and we went and got some pizza and had a picnic on our family room floor. Then the kids spent about an hour running from room to room to see who could do it faster. Wow, so easily entertained. Then we played hide and seek.....for about another hour. Once again easily entertained. But I did find some fun nooks in my apartment that I would have never thought to hide before...beware Mike! Mike's niece and I decided to make some chocolate chip cookies, which I have to say were probably some of my best, and then we took some over to Mike's parents. When we got home, the kids still were pretty hyper so Mike became a human swing and spinned them around for a good while. Poor guy. We did end up finally getting them to wind down and watch Peter Pan. The two kids slept on our couches and Mike took the floor and I went into the bedroom, closed the door and got the bed all to myself! Oh so nice. The next morning it was cereal and baths and then out to the park to fly a kite because it was so windy! Then we went and met Mike's family at Wendy's for lunch and handed over the kids. Love them to death but wow, they just wiped me out. I realized how much I take my freedom for granted. We had a ton of fun though!

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