The Anxiety of Waiting For a Phone Call....

....may put me in my grave. It is hereditarily normal for me to have anxiety all the time. Which I do, all the time. But then you give me a real life reason to have anxiety and I'm through the roof.
The idea that tomorrow we could have a house full of kids just blows my mind. So mentally ready for this. So physically unprepared. I have yet to clean out the cabinet underneath the sink in the main bathroom. It currently holds all the storage of toilet paper, soap and toothpaste, leaving absolutely no room for adorable hooded baby towels or a Thomas the Train toothbrush.
My house is child-proof, in a safety sense, all thanks to the requirements of licensing, but what about all those other things. The things that need to be out of a child's reach not for safety purposes but my own sanity? I'm thinking that my ultimate decorator would be a bachelor. Which is an oxymoron because bachelors don't decorate which is perfect when it comes to having children running around. Except it's hard to know what needs to be put away when you don't really know what age of children you'll have.
Good gosh, just tell me to breathe. There is no gestation period. There is no working up from infant to toddler to child. This is just BAM, child. With you. All the time.
I can't even handle my excitement!

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