And for Labor Day?

I have to say it was pure happiness. I spent the entire day with husband, shopping and eating and erranding. We returned a lease, so now we get the adventure of playing marriage and life with only one car. Luckily we pretty much go everywhere together, including carpooling to work, so having one car should be smooth sailing. We just can't decided what we want! Four wheel drive. But that's about as far as we have taken it. We figure we'll just save ourselves a bit of money while we don't need a car and when an instance comes along where we need two cars, we'll get that second car. As soon as we figure out what car that is. Ah. I hate car shopping. What a crummy way to have to spend a beautiful autumn weekend. I'm gonna put it off until the snow hits.
Oh and somehow we made our way to the Herriman Reservoir. Along with the rest of the southern Salt Lake County population. Now Mike wants to learn how to paddle board. Yeah lets just add that to the golfing that we were supposed to be taking up this summer...

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  1. Life with one car! We talked about it before kids but never made it happen. I hope it works--it would be so freeing!

    Also, I love your blog name. Resonates with my "tainted perfectionist" soul. ;)