The Actually Busy, But Not So Busy, Month of September

These past two weeks have been seemingly crazy around our house. I'm not quite sure what it is that we are so busy doing, but hence, the time goes by and its another day in the life. I decided that the best that I could come up with was to document the house, as it were, in the midst of it all.

And then I realized as I was uploading these photos that it sure makes us look like we were doing a whole lot of nothing. Putting our feet up and watching a movie? Okay, so these pictures may not be the greatest of representations of our busy couple of weeks.

 At Mike's request, German Chocolate Brownies. That pan is disappearing faster than my hips would like.

So we don't have an ottoman. And yes, those are Christmas pillow cases....
 What the armrest next to me looks like while my feet are propped so nicely on my 'ottoman'.
 I love how the sun comes into my house in the late afternoon. Not looking forward to the end of Daylight Savings.
And I love the fields that I get to see when I look out my window.
 I couldn't really watch too much of this movie. Made me a bit too anxious. Hence, all the gear on the armrest to keep me busy.

Well. I wish I could say that things are slowing down, but I think it will be October before we get there. Hopefully this fall weather will stick around so I can actually enjoy some of it.

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