What We're Up To: {Guess What....}

Thanks to my dear neighbor, we've been collecting newspapers.
This isn't a normal collectible in our house.
Til now.
Guess why...
We're moving! Yep, we are!
Mike is finally {finally!} graduating from Law School in a month {a month!}.
Which means we are headed out.
Where, you ask?
Washington D.C.
I know {I know!}
It's only temporary. Mike got a fabulous {fabulous!} clerkship there for a couple of months.
I think we are still in shock. We have yet to make any plans beyond that of actually going.
It's a little stressful to even think about moving there.
But we are so {so!} excited!
After the clerkship is over, we will be moving again {again!} to a land unknown.
We've got it down to three different locations.
But we've still got a bit a prayer to go before we figure out that one.
We are so grateful for this opportunity and cannot believe how blessed we are to receive it.
It literally fell right into our hands.
And of course, I have my wonderful husband to thank for being awesome enough to be considered and offered such an opportunity.
I cannot wait to discover this wonderful city. {And spend the 4th of July in the Nation's Capital! You just can't beat it!}


  1. How exciting Abby!! Congratulations to Mike for graduating!!! Yay for being done!! D.C. is incredible, but brutal in the summer!! Don't do your hair!! :) So fun!! I'm excited for you guys!!

  2. That is so exciting! Plus, you're so close to so many other states and sites! That will be so fun! Congrats, so excited for you guys.

  3. So excited for you both to be moving on to the new phase in your lives! but I for one will miss you both