What We Celebrate: {Easter Traditions}

I hope that everyone had a fabulous Easter! Ours was pretty low key. No Easter egg hunts or egg dying over here in the lonely OK. But we have created some traditions of our own since we have been married. Of course, we do the whole Easter basket thing. We won't once we have kids baskets to fill, but until then, we get to fill each others baskets. And being the total cheap skates that we are, we do not put any Easter candy in each others baskets. No way. Because the day after Easter its all marked down to 50% off. And then my friends, I go pretty hog wild. Easter candy is some of the best all year and at 50% off.....yes please. I wait all year for these babies to come out...
Last year I think I bought 6 bags. We ate them all Summer. I have already picked up a package and am headed to Walmart tonight to snag a couple more. It's a sick obsession. They just don't taste like the regular cups. Am I right, or am I right?

Something I learned when I got married. Mike doesn't like eggs. Or didn't. Who doesn't like eggs?! Now he'll eat them scrambled or sunnysideup. But he will not eat a hard boiled egg. Which makes the whole dying Easter egg thing suuuupper lame. Because then I have to race to eat all the hard boiled eggs before they go bad. My body can only have so much cholesterol in a day, people. And since we don't have an Easter egg hunt, just the two of us, dying Easter eggs is even more lame.

So a couple years back, Mike introduced me to something called Angel Eggs. This is poor mans food. That's what we call it. And I quickly became addicted. Apparently Mike's family had it all the time growing up. And the beauty? You used hard boiled eggs in this recipe. Masked under the taste of bread and gravy, Mike will actually eat a hard boiled egg. Hence the Easter tradition of Angel Eggs was born. The perfect way to use up all the hard boiled eggs that you dye on Easter.

Well this year I was feeling particularly lame, and so we didn't even dye the eggs. But we still kept the tradition alive and ate Angel Eggs for dinner {woulda been breakfast but being at church by 9am is hard enough...can't throw a fancy breakfast on top of anything more than the actual getting ready for church}.

Angel Eggs

The Stuff:

4 tbsp butter
4 tbsp flour
3-4 cups milk
Salt and Pepper to taste
4 hard boiled eggs, peeled and chopped

The Doing:

In large frying pan, make a rue by melting the butter and flour together over medium heat. Add milk and turn up to a simmer. Rue should slowly begin to thicken. If it's too thin, whisk in more flour. Add salt and pepper to taste. Add chopped hard boiled eggs. Let simmer for another minute. Serve over the top of toast {we like to use Texas Toast}.

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