What Annoys Me: {The KnowItAlls, otherwise known as Advice Givers}

I've kinda been on one lately. I don't know what it is that makes this attitude of mine come out. But here is a current thought of mine.

do not like when people tell me things I already know or give me advice that I did not ask for.

Here are several true to life examples that have either been said to me, or said to others around me.

"Being married is seriously the best." -Usually said to someone currently engaged.
{Well thank you. Because of course, until you told me that, I figured I was getting into something that would make me depressed beyond all misery. Why do you think I'm getting married? I don't need a confirmation from you to tell me that being married is great. I know this. Which is why I am doing it. Not because you told me it was "seriously the best".}

"You will love being a mom." -Usually said to someone currently pregnant.
{"I was so worried! I thought I would hate it! But now that you have told me I will love it, I am sure I will." Why do you think that they chose to have this child? Because they knew they would hate being a parent? Doubt it, friends, doubt it.} {Not a pregnancy announcement, btw.}

"When you have more experience, you will understand." -This one is Mike's, coming straight from the mouths of Law professors.
{Obviously. We pay the Law school thousands and thousands of dollars so Mike can be taught that no matter how much they teach him, he won't understand anything until he gets experience. It's a good thing that little piece of paper called a diploma means so much, otherwise I would be worried we were just donating money instead of actually paying for an education.}

"You follow all the rules with the first, and then after that, all the rules go out the window." -This one is referencing children, whether talking about pregnancy or talking about actually raising the kids.
{Just because you decided to be perfect with the first child/pregnancy, and break all the rules with the second, does not mean that everyone does that. You are trying to make yourself feel better. Just stop it. If I want to eat all fruits and veggies while I'm pregnant with my first, I will. That may or may not mean that I will do it again with my second, third, etc. I will do what I choose. Don't tell me how "busy" I'll be. So busy that I can't try as hard with the second as I did with the first. That's a fools game. And you are full of excuses.}

Guys. I have like a million and one more of these. And just writing this post as got me all revved up.
And all I'm saying is, don't give people advice that they didn't ask for. And don't rub your experiences in other peoples faces. It's annoying. Stop.

{I have a similar post that I wrote like this right before we moved to Oklahoma. You can read it here.}

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