Top 5

Well it just had to come down to this. People just have to say strange and annoying things to Mike and I when we tell them that we are moving. And it has gotten so bad, and so repetitive, that we have come up with....
The Top 5 things we are SICK of hearing when we tell people that we are moving.
1) "Are you all packed?!"
(Yes, we are all packed....we sleep on the floor, eat out every meal, and stare at the wall for fun.)
2) "It will be such an adventure."
(Yep, we will eat bugs and plan on swinging on vines for travel.)
3) "It will be so good for your marriage."
(Oh, I was unaware that I had a horrible marriage.)
4) "You will LOVE the church outside of Utah."
(Apparently what they say about the church being wonderful because it is the SAME everywhere, was definitely not true...shocking, I know.)
And finally....
5) (Singing) "OOOOOOOklahoma, where the wind comes sweepin' down the plain..."
(Oh thank you, I completely forgot that there was a musical named after my new home, please sing it to me again.)
And as people continue to think that they need to give me advice, I will continue to brew up my mother-in-law's wonderful idea of writing a book while I am gone about "Improving Your Marriage, Having an Adventure and Living the Church Outside of Utah."
Not meant to offend anyone that may have made these comments to us.


  1. hmmm.... interesting! you're not bugged at all are you!!?

  2. You are so funny!!! This post is one of the reasons i love you!!

  3. I sense some sarcastic tendencies in that email, but just a questions, are you packed?

  4. Haha! I sincerely hope I didn't make any of those comments. Knowing me though, I probably hit on all five in rapid succession.

  5. Ha Ha! I'm pretty sure I got all 5 of those comments when we moved to Chicago. That's so funny. Miss you!