What We Lost: {Food Processor}

I love everything about this picture. This was taken a couple months before we tied the knot. I remember my mom saying to us, "I don't have enough pictures of you guys together for your wedding video!" So anytime Mike and I would do something I would yell to my mom, "Mom, come and take a picture, we're doing something cute!" Anyways. Look at Mike's curly fro-like hair. Look at my skinny little arm. Look at my cute little brother...back in the day when he actually used to be shorter than me. Look at us making cookies. I know it, we are just the cutest.



I can't find my food processor!

I know! Suuuupper strange thing to lose, right?

I have an inkling suspicion that Mike had something to do with it.

But heaven knows he says he has no idea where it is.

If I made the conscious decision to put it in another spot, I no longer consciously remember making that decision.

And let me tell you. My kitchen is TINY.


I was on the phone with a friend a while ago and she was telling me how if her husband doesn't know where something goes, instead of asking her, he'll just stick it somewhere, and she'll find it later in some of the most random places.

I fear that most women face this situation regularly.

In the beginning of our marriage, I would say to Mike, you live here too, you should know where things go. Pick your battles, women. If he doesn't use it at least once a day, it ain't gonna happen.

I found Mike's razor in the toothbrush drawer yesterday. He had no idea that he put it there. The guy really is losing it.

So who wants to come over and help me find my food processor?


  1. HAHAHA What a fun post. I thought I was the only one who complained about her husband not knowing where things go... it's always good to knwo that you're not alone in the world. :)

    Adorable pic!

  2. funny, I have that same problem with my hubby.
    What a thing to lose, though! Your food processor?! I hope you find it, because those things are a godsend!