What We Did: {Weekend in Pictures}

Hello Monday. And a dreary one here in the OK. But that's okay, I love the rain.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!
We sure did. It's amazing the things we can do when Mike doesn't have to study.

Here is our weekend in pictures.
1. Saturday morning with a little bit of exercise and feeding the ducks/terrifyingly mean geese in the park.
2. We are finally down to one single wall in our countdown chain {this chain used to wrap around the room one and a half times}. Graduation, here we come!

3. & 4. Oklahoma City Museum of Art

5. The air mattress made an appearance in our living room yesterday.
6. I don't much like St. Patrick's Day {you can read about why here and here}, but I did pull out some decor and a little pot of our favorite gold, Reese's.

7. Baking.
8. Tornadoes {don't worry, they were 3 counties away}.

5 more days 'til we can do it all again!
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  1. Oh, I miss tornadoes and tornado warnings every 5 minutes.
    That's probably a weird thing to miss, but I don't really care!