What Today Is: {FridayFreeForAll}

Happy Friday!

And happy FridayFreeForAll!

This is one of my favorite days of the week to blog because it's about music! I have a running list of songs in my phone that are awaiting their lucky day to be featured on FridayFreeForAll.

A few years ago I was introduced to this artist, and I have a couple of his songs on my iPod.
At one point, one of his songs was even my ringtone.

Then I just kinda forgot about my reggae rapper friend.

Then last night I hear one of his songs on a commercial!
And such a good song at that!

So here is today's song....

One Day

And don't forget...feel free to leave your own suggestions for the next FridayFreeForAll!
If you give suggestions, I will highlight you/your blog/and your video on next week's FridayFreeForAll...just make sure you give me all the details! {And you must be a follower.}
{Oh and all music videos must be appropriate. We are family friendly on this here blog.}

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