What We're Doing: {BOM Challenge}

I was in need of a little spiritual upliftment.

See, Mike and I read our scriptures and pray together daily. It's how we keep our marriage so dang awesome. Right now, we are in the midst of what seems to be the never ending Old Testament. Don't get me wrong, I love the bible, but man is it long. 

So I said to Mike, Babe, I need to increase my spirituality. What should I do?

And you KNOW what that returned missionary said to me.
Yeah, you know.

You read The Book of Mormon.

Silly me. Why didn't I think of that?
Oh good call, yes I will do that. 

But you see, he doesn't stop there. Reading The Book of Mormon gets him all excited, or something. So he says that we should do a challenge! We will read The Book of Mormon together {but separate, if you get my drift} and we have to be finished by March 25th. Why March 25th? Who knows.

But then you know that you can't create a challenge without having some sort of reward at the end. At least that's what Mike says. So he says, What should be our prize?

And that is where we are stuck. I asked him last night if he thought of a prize, and he suddenly came up with the idea that because The Book of Mormon reading challenge was his idea, that I have to be the one to come up with the prize. And without missing a beat I said, Well really, we should be doing it anyway so we don't need a prize.

So we'll see if that gets me off the hook. Cuz I got nothing. Obviously its gotta be something that we can both benefit from. And we have no free time so it can't be a trip {extravagant, I know, but when I think of prizes, I think of vacations...it's how this little brain of mine functions}. And we have no money anyway, so its gotta be cheap. And it can't be something that we were going to do/buy anyway, because that's just not a good prize.


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  1. I love that you guys are doing that! Maybe the winner should pick out their favorite dinner and the other one has to cook it....?


  2. Miss work and school and hang out together all day!

  3. I started reading one or two chapters from the bible and one or two chapters from the book of mormon every day when Kyle was born. It only takes 10-15 minutes and made a huge difference in the strength of my testimony and how I react to things that happen in life. I saw this "pin" on pinterest a couple weeks ago and thought it looked like a fun way to motivate the family to read the book of mormon. http://pinterest.com/pin/26036504065453143/
    Hopefully that link will take you there. If not, look on my "kids" pin board.

  4. Dang it!! My plan was a trip, because that's how my brain works, too!
    That's good that you guys are doing it, though!

  5. We always wager back and foot rubs. "No he did not say that! I bet you a 15 minute back rub." "You're on!"