What Today Is: {Nonexistent}

I said this morning to Mike,

Mike, it's February 29th, what should we do to celebrate?!

He said nothing.


But then he continued. This day doesn't exist, therefore, we don't exist today, so we should do nothing.
{This is us...doing nothing...and what I wish I was doing on this sunshiney day in OK}

And then we proceeded to leave for our days full of something.

But then I got to work and had a conversation with a friend.

She said that she had a similar conversation with her husband this morning, except she got this piece of insight from him....

You know, because I make salary, by going to work today, I am essentially working for free.

Oh man. {Luckily, I'm hourly, or I would be headed home right this second to do nothing on this day that really doesn't exist.}

But I'm not kidding, I really think there should be some sort of celebration on this day. It only happens once every four years! Why has no one started a big parade or held a festival or declared it a day of utter celebration?

I wonder how many people get married today. That means less wedding anniversaries, which for men, could be great, because then they wouldn't be caught forgetting every year.

You know, people say that men always forget important days, i.e. birthdays, anniversaries, Vday, but I never really agreed. I mean, if women are anything like me {and I am one, so I would hope we have some similarities}, I spend the days leading up to my birthday and our anniversary talking about it. About what our plans are, and what day of the week it's on, and what is on my wishlist, and what kind of food I would hope is involved.

So even if Mike was thinking about forgetting, he would have to avoid me for like the entire month beforehand.

I have quite the obsession for having reasons to celebrate.

I think it stems from wanting to get out of the mundanity of life. Doing something exciting. Celebrating all the small things that happen outside of the norm.

Which by the way, we got some fabulous news the other day, something totally worth celebrating. But I guess you'll just have to wait to find out what it is! Oh the suspense.

Happy Nonexistent Day to y'all!


  1. Do you watch 30 Rock? Last week's episode had "Leap Day William."

  2. I want to hear fabulous news! Do I really have to wait? Because if I don't then you should call me.