What I Caught: {More Sickness}

Yep. Again. I'm sick. Again! This, my friends, is the 3rd time in less than a month that I'm under the weather. And mind you, I did get my flu shot this year. Of course, this time its the nose/throat/feel like I've been hit by a train sickness. Other than its an easy excuse to get out of going to the gym, getting sick is the pits. I asked Mike yesterday if we could have popcorn and hot chocolate for dinner. Luckily, I regained my self control before dinner time and I even cooked a fabulous dinner. But, its a new day, and once again, all I can think about is popcorn and hot chocolate. We should probably throw some peanut M&M's in for good measure. Look what being sick does to me! Good thing I don't set New Year's resolutions or they would be blown.

{Oh, and sneezing. Isn't that like the best thing ever? It's like a quarterofasecond of pure relief when your sick. And I have an overly dusty office, so it works out really well for me.}

Luckily, we have been having some fairly awesome weather here in the Midwest.
Yep, see that temperature? That's what our weather has been hanging around. So even if I can't shake this season's sickness, I guess if I can walk outside in January and have the warm sun shine on my face, it's still a pretty good day.


  1. hey girl! I wanted you to know that i added your blog button up! you can find mine under the sponsorship page on my blog =)

  2. Nice to meet you Abby! :) Where in the midwest do you live? We've been having those temps too but we're in CA! I hope you get feeling better! Being sick is the worst!