So they say to get off sugar.
Then they say get off aspartame.
Well fine then.
Then they say sucralose is bad.
Okay okay, so pretty much the only artificial sweetners that are good are truvia and stevia.
So find me regular, off-the-shelf products that are sweetened with either of those two things.
Yep, hard huh?
Not to mention they suck to cook with.
And I can't put honey on everything, people. {I've even heard rumor that honey is no bueno}
And those sweetners are expensive.
Um, do you think I'm made of money?

Wow, this stresses me out. Can I get a bowl of ice cream please?


  1. I'd rather eat sugar than any artificial sweetener. I love pure maple syrup and agave nectar as substitutes too

  2. I KNOW!!! I have the same delma! I'm with Tea. I just eat the real stuff... it's better than the artificial anyways... at least for now. lol!