We are a little disappointed at Dodge. We spent 6 hours today looking for the Dodge Journey that was hidden in western Oklahoma. Now, obviously we didn't find it. We would like to say we were quite misled by the clues that we were provided. If you send out a email to those who exclusively signed up to receive those special emails, and in the email give a destination and say that the car is "close" to that point, you should probably explain what you mean by close. Because 45 miles away, is not, by any means, close. Hence, somebody found the car, so somebody took the information the way I suppose it was intended to be taken. But we had a good time together, Mike and I, making memories, starving ourselves, nearly running out of gas on some dirt road in Texola, OK. I make it sound bad, but it was actually quite wonderful. {Winning would have made it a little better though} Experiences like this are all about the journey, anyway. Which I am positive, is the reason they did this search for the Dodge Journey.

But we don't plan on buying a Dodge any time soon.

{If you don't have any idea what I'm talking about, go here http://www.youtube.com/dodge}

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