The morning before yesterday morning I woke up sweating. SWEATING. Apparently the heater was turned ON. Mike tried to cuddle with me, and I wasn't having it. I couldn't handle the body heat.

Yesterday morning I woke up freezing. FREEZING. Apparently the heater was turned OFF. To make things a little worse, I had gone to bed with wet hair.

(Side note: We frequently turn our heater and air conditioner ON and OFF since my body temperature is super ridiculous, and because Oklahoma's temperature is also, super ridiculous. So the idea that it was ON one night, and OFF the next night, didn't raise any red flags for me.)

Has anyone caught on? Well I hadn't, until last night....when Mike and I were chatting, and he admitted to me that he had turned the heater OFF the night before so that I would wake up and cuddle with him to get warm.


You should have seen the smile on his face when he told me.


  1. Ahah! That is super cute. In our house it would be the other way around- me trying to get Todd to snuggle with me!

  2. That is cute. Ryan won't snuggle with me because I'm way too warm all the time..