White Shirt Fall Down

I worked my butt off all week so that I could take a half day off on Friday. We started our super fun filled weekend stopping by the Norman Renaissance Fair. We wandered and ate and wandered. I don't really know what the appeal is for us since we don't really do much there. It could be the people watching. A lot of people dress up all crazy and let it all hang out....sometimes literally.
Then we made our way to Dallas where we met Mike's brother and his family for the weekend. This is our 3rd General Conference in a row that we pack up and head to Dallas to hang out with them. It's an official tradition! We shopped and ate and shopped and ate, but most importantly, we went to our very first Rangers game! It was very important to me that we find Rangers t-shirts to wear to the Rangers game, so we searched and searched for some cheap t-shirts and we found them. And now I am obsessed.

The kids were as crazy and super cute as always, and we really enjoy getting to see them a couple times a year! And just look at this face! I took four different pictures and each of them produced a different cheesy smile.

Oh I love these kiddos.

It's getting really hot here now. Yesterday my car said it was 93 degrees outside! This is when I love living in Oklahoma. Because there is 8 inches of snow on my parents deck right now. Yuck. Things better clear up though. Because I'm coming!

41 days 'til Utah!

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