So I know that Josh is back to being my current obsession. But then I heard this song. And then I saw the music video for it. And I became literally obsessed. Such a happy song. And an even happier music video. Makes me want to move to California and become a beach bum. I even asked Mike last night if we could. He said we could. But then I said, "How do people afford a beach bum lifestyle?". And then I answered my own question by saying, "By making accountant and lawyer wages." So I guess in order to be beach bums, we must continue to do what we are doing and take an occassional vacation to the beach. Lame, but it will have to do. Anyway, enjoy the video. (Annika, this video makes me think of you. We should go to the beach.)
Video from Yahoo!Music

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  1. You have NO idea how much this makes me want to MOVE OUT OF UTAH FOREVER. I hate winter, and all of the sports it brings. I love summer, and water. Our whole family should just move somewhere like this.