Tornado Alley

Well we made it through our first tornado here in Oklahoma. And it was pretty scary. Everyone here always says that tornadoes don't hit Norman. Well they lied. Because we had a tornado yesterday. The weather yesterday was really warm and humid but extremely windy. The dogs outside were barking like crazy so around dinner time we started watching the news. There were tornado warnings all around Oklahoma including Norman. I was in the middle of cooking dinner and we kept running outside to look at the sky because the clouds were crazy/cool. Finally the siren went off and I started freaking out. Mike just wanted to be outside to watch everything. No way was I going to let him do that. Then the power goes out so we grab our handy flashlight/radio and sit on the floor in our closet listening to the radio. The tornado at that point is traveling on Highway 9 which is about a half-mile from our house. Yep, freaking out. Luckily we had no damage to our stuff and we are fine. And the power did come back on after being off for about 3 hours. It was super scary but it is also one of those things that its hard to believe when you can't see it. I never actually saw the tornado so I wasn't so scared at the time. But watching the news and all the video feed, if I would have seen it in person I probably would have passed out. According to the news there were about 37 accounted for tornadoes that hit yesterday, and so far, 6 known deaths. The damage around the state is significant. And I plan on taking a small drive later today to see the boat shop down the street that apparently had boats thrown all over the road. But I am glad that we are safe and I know that the Lord was watching over us. Here is a picture of the actual tornado that traveled along Highway 9. Yep, that thing was a half-mile from where we were, huddled in our closet.


  1. Too close for comfort!!! Can't wait for you to come home - 5 more days...

  2. I heard about the tornadoes this morning on my way to the Bishop's Storehouse. I was worried about you guys! I remember what it was like to experience tornadoes from when my family lived in Georgia. The crazy/cool clouds are a dead-give-away that a tornadoes soon to follow. We always checked for green sky or sideways rain - that was a clear indicator too :)

    I'm so glad you guys are safe. I do know that the Lord watches over us. We had some close calls with tornadoes too and it was always evident that God was keeping us safe. Good job in being in the closet (one time I was at my neighbor's house when a tornado siren went off and they put us up against the couch on the floor and the adults sat on a mattress on top of us! How they thought that would work, I've no idea! But you guys had the right idea.)

    Again, I'm glad you guys are okay! We'll keep those in your area that need help in our prayers!

  3. That is crazy! Glad you're safe. Awesome picture though.