Quick Update

I know, I am a super bad blogger, but I have been swamped lately.

So a quick update.

Our anniversary was awesome. Mike showered me with roses and took me to an awesome, fancy restaurant here in Norman called Benvenutis. I love him so much. We couldn't really do anything super cool because he is in the middle of studying for finals. Give it 2 years though, and who knows what crazy stuff we will be doing for our anniversary.

Change of plans. We ditched the storage unit. (After losing $290...I know, I am still getting over it.) But the place right next door to us went up for lease. We couldn't pass it up. We have to move all our stuff literally about 10 ft to the house next door. We pay a bit more in rent a month, and now we will have to be paying rent and utilities all summer but we just couldn't pass up the opportunity of staying in the neighborhood. Downside: I am pretty confident that the renters before us smoked. I know, gross. So I have washed the walls, and last night I painted base boards (skipped Zumba for it....sad day) and hope to be painting walls by tomorrow or Monday. We are kinda running out of time. It seems like it took forever for summer to get here and now that it is almost here, I could use a few extra days. It seems like everything hit at once.

Today is unofficially my last day of work! This is so exciting. I am still going to be coming in next Wednesday to do payroll but pretty much today is it! The CFO took all the accountants and I to lunch yesterday. And today all the office personnel are going for my last day. Which means, I almost reached my goal of getting someone to buy me lunch every day this week. Wednesday got skipped, but other than that, I had 4 free lunches this week. Go me. One of the days we went to a restaurant called "Shorty Smalls". The only way to really describe this place is hillbilly. Anyway, it was at Shorty Smalls in which I tried my first deep fried twinkie. I suggest that if you ever eat this, you only eat a bite or two. My boss ate a whole one and he threw it up by 4 o'clock. I only had a bite. I actually liked it. As long as you get a piece that has some of the cream from the twinkie in it, its not too bad. I can't imagine eating an entire thing. My boss blames me for him throwing it up, he keeps saying I made him eat it all. Sick, I would never, ever make anyone eat an entire fried twinkie. And for those who are curious, online sources say it has 425 calories.

Mike is working his butt off for finals and I feel like the girl with a roommate again but I know that its all for the greater good of our family. I am proud of him for working so hard and if it means that for a couple weeks every semester I don't really get to have a husband, I am totally okay with that because he is getting an education to support our family. I love him so much and can't wait until this summer when neither of us will be studying. This summer....or even semester for that matter, neither of us will be in school, and this is the first time that has happened in 3 years. Woohoo. Best summer ever.

Not so quick, I know.


  1. Okay so I saw that the place next to you went up for rent and I JUST KNEW that you guys would take it! So exciting!! Again, if you need any help let me know!

  2. You are working so hard. But that kind of work always makes you feel good because of the accomplishments. I'm happy things are falling into place for you even if it is at the last minute. Looking forward to a wonderful summer with all my kids close to home!!!