Mike and I had a great weekend. Friday night we finally went and saw "The Blind Side". I know that Mike REALLY likes a movie when he smiles during the moving. And he smiled during this movie. Wow. Even while the old guy behind us tapped his cane annoyingly on the floor. And if you know Mike and his thoughts about that, you would be surprised to hear that I was more annoyed than he. What a great guy I am married to.

We finally made another large purchase this weekend that we have been planning on making. Mike bought his first shotgun. Like a kid in a candy store. The shotgun was purchased for protection purposes, but the reason we got a shotgun as opposed to a handgun or any other kind of gun is it can be used for recreational purposes also. But I have to say, actually owning a gun puts a new perspective on things. You know you watch those shows where the wife or the husband all of a sudden goes crazy.....and well I don't have to finish the story. Not that Mike and I would ever EVER go crazy....it was just a different perspective. Weird. But I do feel more safe with a shotgun under the bed.

Every year Norman has a Renaissance Fair. And it happened to be this weekend. People get all dressed up, I call them crazies, and go and walk around this fair. It was miserably rainy and cold yesterday, so we had a hard time staying longer than absolutely necessary to see what there was to see. In a nutshell, they had Elephant (yes, a real elephant) rides, Camel rides, blacksmiths, lingerie chainmetal (yep, its true), turkey legs, sword fighting...and all kinds of other fun booths. We didn't do much of anything (except of course, buy a turkey leg) because it was just too cold outside, but hopefully next year will be better. One of these years we are going to ride an elephant. Can't pass that opportunity up more than once.

We have an exciting weekend ahead of us because we are going to be spending the weekend in Dallas with Mike's brother and his beautiful wife and their adorable children. They live in Houston. And Dallas happens to be the halfway point between here and there. We are really looking forward to hanging out with them again and seeing what Dallas has to offer. I checked the weather and of course, its supposed to be rainy while we are there but the temperature still seems like it shouldn't be bad. I so looked forward to Spring, and getting out of the Winter weather, and now I am so ready for Spring to be over and Summer to be here. I just want sunshine. No more of this cold, rainy stuff.


  1. sounds like you guys had a fun weekend too filled with lots of fun! I love weekends like that, just the two of us. Yay for a gun! We should go shoot guns now that you guys have one. Mike looks really excited about it. We went to the Medieval Fair too. We just like to go to laugh at all the people. Well, and it reminds us of how "normal" we are, or abnormal if that's normal, but I digress...it's an excuse to get out and enjoy the environment with the Mr. Look at you baking away again. From Bakerella? Those peanut butter cookies look amazingly delicious. I have been craving some. Pretty sure I will be making them this week. Have a good time in Texas! It's always nice to get out and get a change of pace. MIss you guys!

  2. Wow! What a fun event. Renaissance Fairs are so cool to me. I love events that are unique to an area. Too bad it was so dang cold! An elephant ride would be so awesome. I definitely agree with you, that's something that can't be passed up twice. Which means I look forward to next years post on the Renaissance Fair and the pics of you two riding high!

    Great job on baking. It's a lot of fun to try new things, huh? I'm not as brave as you to try something like gelato but creating anything new is one of my favorite things! You do a great job, your food looks beautiful and so tasty! Whether it really is or not :)

  3. What a fun weekend!!!
    Cor wants to buy ANOTHER shotgun! ugh. I'm not too crazy about guns. We have enough!!
    Good job on all your fun creations!!! You can never go wrong with baking!! I love it!!