Featured Taste

1. Apples taste better when your on the on the go.

2.Water tastes better out of a plastic cup when compared to a glass.

3. Diet Coke is best from a gas station.

4. Pizza is the bomb diggity.

5. And The Beatles rock my world.

And why do people say dad gum? Or dad gummit? This is not a real word people....


  1. this post made me really thirsty and really hungry. apples taste better with peanut butter and cut into wedges. Pizza IS the bomb.com and the beatles? Ok, they are pretty good. Thanks for coming last night! I'm excited for the next one! :o)

  2. Abby! I'm so glad you reminded me of this phrase. I used to say it all the time and now, thanks to you, I can add it to my list of expletives!