Happy Birthday!

Mike's 24th birthday was on Friday, and using my large amount of free time (still not having a job), I spent all morning while he was at school preparing for his birthday. I baked a cake, cleaned the house and decorated. Now, the cake....I do realize that Mike was turning 24 and not 4, but in all our watching of "Cake Boss" and "Ace of Cakes" on the Food Network, somehow we had a conversation about Mike wanting a cake that looked like a soldier. So that is what I did. A soldier cake. I shopped all over for a cake pan that was shaped like a soldier, but apparently that isn't very popular these days so it was all free hand. This was the final product....that I have to say I am pretty proud of. We went to lunch and we also went and saw "Fame". I was a little disappointed in the movie, because I was really hoping for a musical. Mike keeps trying to convince me that it was a musical but it wasn't. A musical to me means that they break out into song at any given moment. This movie had planned music. Like the singing came when they happened to be in choir class. That is not a musical. It was good though. The theatre was another story which I am going to have to write another blog about for my scale of suburb comfort. For his birthday, I got Mike some well needed OU clothing, to wear to all the games, I got his watch repaired, of course, a box of Swiss Cake Rolls, and I took some vinyl lettering that he had had since before we were married and actually put it to use. Since we aren't quite permanent here, I didn't want to hang it on the wall, so I put it on a mirror. It turned out really cute and I think he liked it. It says "One of man's greatest joys is doing something that someone once told him he could not do." Mike says thanks for everyone who sent him cards!

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