MySpace, Facebook, Blogger, Twitter....Blah

I admit, when MySpace came out, I did not join right at first. I thought it was stupid and did not want to have my pictures plastered all over the internet. But then a friend sucked me in. And I quickly became addicted. I didn't mind it at first, besides the rumors, ruined relationships and absolute lack of privacy, MySpace was pretty entertaining. Slowly, but surely, MySpace faded, and then Facebook became the new hip thing. I told myself and I even told Mike that I wasn't going to join facebook, because, again, I thought it was stupid. But, again, was sucked in. Facebook continues to be pretty popular and everyone I think I have ever known growing up has a facebook but now I wonder, what exactly facebook is providing me. With hundreds of friends, who do I actually have a relationship with? Maybe 30 of those people even know my phone number. So what is the point? Why is it that people crave to be constantly updated with the one guy who was in their Biology class for half a semester and then moved to Illinois? YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW THE GUY! Yet, here I am, just as guilty as the rest of the facebookers. And its just embarassing. I told Mike that I was going to get rid of my facebook, and I even came really close. Yet I couldn't get myself to do it? Why? I have absolutely no idea. I don't mind having a blog. My blog is a good way for my family and certain people to see pics and descriptions of what Mike and I are up to. And it will be good to have when we move to Oklahoma. And my blog doesn't have a description of everything that I do. Just the things that I want people to know. So the blog will always be here, until I forget about it and stop updating. But we all know that one day facebook will fade and something else will become popular. But right now I vow to never begin tweeting or twooting or twitting or whatever the proper terminology is. Because networking sites are stupid. Yes, flat out stupid. Because if you care enough about me and about Mike, you will call me and talk to me on the phone. Because you would have my phone number.


  1. i didn't suck you in! we were both sucked in together!

  2. Haha, my problem with facebook is....I love to stalk people....yes. I admit it. And I spend WAAAAAY too much time doing it.
    And it's the same thing with blogging...just more colorful.

    DON"T EVER DELETE YOUR BLOG. I will hurt you...

  3. I have your number! We must be friends!