The Bigger Picture

I have once or twice in my life been known as a complainer. My sister's and Mike may beg to differ about the once or twice part but I like to make myself sound better than I truly am. Don't judge, everyone does it. Anyway, sometimes, I have to slap myself and take a step away and look at the bigger picture. I was raised in a middle-class family with everything essentially handed to me. Yes, I did chores, and tried to be a good daughter but who says that I deserved all I actually got. I was raised to know the difference between right and wrong and my parents taught me the gospel and were always trying to help me be better. I had good friends growing up that did good things and I was involved in all kinds fun activities to help keep me out of trouble. I have been given some awesome talents in my life that have become such a source of strength to me. I went to college, incurring minimal debt, and am within 2 weeks of graduating. I have an awesome family and fantastic in-laws that are always so supportive and helpful of everything I do. I live in a great area and feel safe where we live. I have a great ward, and the wonderful calling of being a Miamaid Advisor. I have learned so much from my girls and love teaching and spending time with them at activities. I have a good job that pays me good money and even though I can't always say I love getting up and going to work, I don't dread it, which is a good sign! I am healthy, and really haven't had any major issues with my body in my life, and for that I am truly grateful. I have such great friends. What few friends I do actually hang out with every once in a while, I really do love them. I have such an amazing husband. Mike is my sweet prince charming and I am so glad to have a husband who is driven and wants to do something with his life. Not everything in my life has been easy but I really have been so blessed. I feel like life has been handed to me on a silver platter. I am so lucky.

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