Spring Break 09!

For Spring break this year, Mike and I and his brother and his girlfriend (now fiance) took a road trip. We were driving up through Spokane so that Mike and I could check out Gonzaga Law School and then we were driving over to Seattle so that his brother could check out a school there. The road trip was long but when we actually got to Seattle there was so much to do!
We went to Pike's Public Market and saw them throw the fish!
We rode the ferry across Puget Sound!
We went to the Seattle Aquarium!

We walked the Piers!
We went on a tour of Seattle Underground and then afterward
we spent $130 on dinner at the top of the Space Needle!
(Amazing Prime Rib!!)
Needless to say, we had a great time in Seattle and congratulations goes out to Mike's brother and his GF for getting engaged on the beach in Seattle!


  1. What a fun spring break abs! Dave and I have been wanting to do a trip like that since we got married! Glad you had fun! Good luck with the college decision. Let me know, once you know, where you will be going!

  2. Oh how fun!!! Seattle is Brett's favorite place in the whole world!!

    And YAY for Chase for proposing!!!! happy happy!