Paintings and Letters!

Yesterday was an exciting day in the our home! Mike got his first acceptance letter for Law school, and we were really surprised and totally taken off guard at how quickly it came. So.....Mike has been offered admissions at
Pepperdine University!
They also offered him an $18,000 scholarship! We were really excited to receive this news and can't wait to see what other schools he gets into! Pepperdine would be very exciting to go to because its a great school, and who wouldn't want to live in Malibu, California!! Who knows if we'll even end up going there but its exciting to finally see our future come together a little bit.

Last weekend we had a little bit of fun doing some painting.
We haven't had anything hanging over our bed for over a year now because the painting that we had originally bought to hang there is now in a different spot.
And I have been having the hardest time deciding what to put up there.
I had originally bought some pictures frames and was going to get some pictures blown up and hang them there but I just wasn't sold on the idea.
Then I thought, hey why not paint our own paintings?!
Hobby Lobby was having a sale on their canvases so we went and bought two of them and borrowed some paint from my mom.
Of course I am extremely bossy and OCD so I gave Mike guidelines and showed him the colors that I would let him use because it had to match and it had to be done my way.
I think he still had a good time painting though.
I was very pleased with the final product because it is exactly what I was going for and it matches our bedroom so well.

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