Halloween Weekend!

Mike and I had a pretty fun filled and busy weekend. Of course, Halloween was on Friday night. Mike and I didn't really have any costumes or anything so Mike grabbed a skeleton mask and I grabbed some paint and we ended up with.....well we don't really know what we ended up with. You be the judge. We spent the night eating and playing karaoke revolution. Pretty much the greatest game ever!

I couldn't stand it anymore.....yes, we put up our Christmas tree!

The holidays are the greatest time of the year and I like to make them last as long as possible. We haven't decorated it yet because I want to buy some new ornaments. But its up!

Sunday we had the wonderful opportunity to attend the Calvary Baptist Church for an assignment for one of Mike's classes! Wow, that church is fantastic! So energetic and loud and fun! The choir, of course, was wonderful. And we got the opportunity to see some people get baptized and talk to some of the members. It was definitely a new experience but a great one!

And today Mike and I hit our official one and a half year mark! Not really a super significant anniversary but I was excited! Other than that, life is pretty normal and staying super busy!

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