Surprise AKA I Shouldn't Be Surprised

The night before he was supposed to be moved, the uncle called the caseworker and said he would no longer be taking him. Because he was going to be starting school and because his wife is bipolar and wasn't taking her meds.

Oh geez.

So Dear Uncle, A week ago when you said that you would take him, were the circumstances any different? No. You knew that you would be starting school. And I'm sure a week ago your wife wasn't taking her meds. So next time you think you might want to make a decision that affects more than just yourself, can you keep your mouth shut until you've decided for sure? You know, like the, Is That Your Final Answer, kind of stuff?

And the icing on the cake?

Two weeks ago we show up for a visitation with mom and she doesn't show. We find out later that she didn't make it because she "wasn't feeling up to it". Then last week as we were about to walk out the door for visitation with mom, I got a call from the caseworker telling me that the visitation is canceled because mom had "to go pick up medication". So if she actually shows up to visitation this week, it will have been three weeks since she has since her little boy. When the GAL already has all her cards against you and is trying to get rights terminated, the last thing you want to do is to not show up to visitation for two weeks in a row with those kinds of excuses. But I guess that's why your kid is in foster care.

We still have no idea how this case will turn out or how long. Just taking it day by day and spending a lot of evenings at my sweet friend's house. Working, or dancing, or singing or talking. Just enough to keep me sane. Love you Brit!

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  1. Wow! Thank you SO much for your blog!! I may have just binge read the whole thing because today was a hard day with our little one. My husband and I are in nearly the same boat as you, but we don't know any other foster parents, so we often feel so alone and that we're terrible people for having trouble with attachment. The only person I feel like I can be honest with about this whole experience is my husband because like you said, everyone thinks we're such "saints" and we feel so awkward hearing people say that and knowing how we actually feel. And reading your posts, it was unbelievably refreshing to read someone else thinking and feeling the exact way that we are. Each post made me smile bigger and bigger because it was like you were posting every single conversation my husband and I have secretly had with each other. So seriously, thank you. I'm so glad that I found your blog today because it helped me so, so much!!!