The Best Way to Travel

In March, Mike had to go on a business trip and he invited me to tag along.
What a nice guy, am I right?
We spent 2 days in Napa Valley and then made our way down to San Francisco and spent a few days. It was my first time to both Napa and San Fran,
so we made sure to be the ultimate tourists and see the sites.
What we learned quickly is that Napa, in March, doesn't have any sites.
The vineyards are in their early spring phase, which means ugly, and we don't drink wine, which is really the only reason people travel to Napa Valley.
Lucky for me, the resort was spectacular with an adults only pool (puuuurrrreee heaven) and the nicest hotel gym I've ever seen.
I spent my days exercising, laying by the pool and shopping while Mike spent his time in a conference.
And that was the moment that I learned that traveling alone, or via my spouse's work trip is the very best way to travel.
Especially when it's a sunny 70 degrees with not a single breeze.

San Francisco was a really quick two days, but we were able to cram everything in that we wanted to do.
One of the days, we rented bikes and biked across the Golden Gate Bridge to Sausalito.
Mike hates all things bikes and bikers, so he pretty much spent the day as Debbie Downer, while listening to me say, "Isn't this so fun?" every few minutes.
Oh the things you do for love.
Of course we made sure to hit up Ghirardelli Square, the Painted Ladies, Pier 39, and Lombard Street.
Our second day we spent wandering around Alcatraz, which besides laying by the pool in Napa, was the highlight of our trip.


Super good job at focusing the camera, Mike. But I guess Lombard Street is the point.....

Even though it was a quick trip, we were glad to come home.
The more we visit big cities, the more realize we don't much like big cities.
Particularly San Francisco.
Glad we went.
Glad to have done all the tourist-y things so that we don't ever have to go back.
And glad that his firm paid for most of it.

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