This Week.

I remembered the significance of a deep breath.

I decided I'm going to be a nightgown mom.

I started running again after a 10 month hiatus. (But really, it was probably 12.)

I walked through a corn maze with teenage girls and remember how fun it was to be immature?

I bought my dream car.

I got a killer deal on a used DSLR.

I added "dump dish soap into a water fountain" to my bucket list.

I set a goal to make pumpkin chocolate chip cookies and failed. I don't even know how that happened.

I listened to my baby brother sing Beatles songs while clad in homemade tie-dye. That kids got quite the voice.

I read my Book of Mormon by the fireplace. Super dreamy, yeah?

I celebrated 7 years of dating with husband. Holy, where has the time gone?

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