When Saturday's Get Boring, Coffee Tables Turn Into Benches

It occurred to me a year or so ago when my little neighbor friend came to visit that this coffee table was not so child friendly. The last thing I want is for some adorable child to climb themselves up on that glass and then break right through it. The child would get badly hurt and then the whole awkward thing with the child's parents would happen and chances are they would be a friend or somebody in the ward so then I would be all mortified and not be able to leave the house ever and I would beg Mike to move. So. Since we are getting a mortgage and all, the whole begging Mike to move thing wouldn't really work because it's not like you can just up and leave the house that you own. (Well kind of own, let's be honest, home ownership is a nice 30 year loan away.)


So we decided to turn said glass centered coffee table into a bench. Because who doesn't like a nice, soft, beautifully blue bench.



  1. so cute! i love the fabric that you picked

  2. What?! Wow. That's seriously awesome. I wish I had your skillz. Now I want to reupholster my entire house. But minus the skillz part, that might not work out so well :)

  3. That is DARLING. I'm coming to you if I ever do a project for my home.