What Our Weekend Looked Like: {DC Sites with a Sundae on Top}

Our weekend was filled with sunshine, each other, and walking. And walking. And walking. 

And we were able to cross a bunch more DC to do's off the list!

Above pictures: Lincoln Memorial, Korean War Memorial, Jefferson Memorial and new bacon sundae from Burger King

Included sites were: Arlington Cemetery, Lincoln Memorial, Korean War Memorial, Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, and Franklin D. Roosevelt Memorial. 

I love seeing all these wonderful sites around me. And its even more fun to get to see them with Mike. Oh how I cherish those few hours on Saturday of attention!

Aaaaaannd since I know you are wondering, the bacon sundae from Burger King is....okay. I, myself, enjoy a little salty twist to my sweet treats, but I would have much rather preferred a nice sprinkling of peanuts on top than chunks of bacon mixed throughout. However, the fudge and caramel swirled through this soft serve ice cream was so delicious, it made it all worth it. Oh and we shared it. So only half the guilt.

And I told Mike I want a 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee for my birthday, so we'll see if he delivers. 

I leave for Girls Camp tomorrow. I still can't believe I got wrangled into this, but even though I haven't memorized a single girls name, I'm weirdly excited. I can assure you that none of that excitement stems from getting to sleep in cabins and take regular showers.

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  1. I'm a new reader, and I love your blog! Also, I was in DC in January, and it's gorgeous. I'm sure it's a little more enjoyable without the snow though. And you are a brave soul for giving the bacon sundae a try!