What Today Is: {FridayFreeForAll}

So, besides the fact that I guess Blogger finally forced this new dashboard format, today is a great day! I love Fridays! I'm looking toward {note the word is toward, not forward to} a weekend full of the husband studying hardcore for finals. Which means guess who's going to be packing? Yep, it's going to officially start this weekend. And when you're excited to move, packing really isn't so bad.

Oh and the husband just seconds ago received 34 pounds of prep material for the bar course. 34 pounds! I swear this studying thing will never end.

In celebration of the weekend, I present you with the FridayFreeForAll. Because what's a weekend without a little music.

And my favorite song of all time?
Yes, OF ALL TIME. {bold statement, I know}

And don't forget...feel free to leave your own suggestions for the next FridayFreeForAll! If you give suggestions, I will highlight you/your blog/and your video on next week's FridayFreeForAll...just make sure you give me all the details! {And you must be a follower.} {Oh and all music videos must be appropriate. We are family friendly on this here blog.}

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  1. Not too long ago me and Russ were talking about our ALL TIME FAVORITE song and we both said this one!