What Today Is: {FridayFreeForAll}

Good Friday morning all!

Because it is Good Friday after all.

My plans this weekend are: cutting Mike's hair, coloring my hair, and crossing some things off the Oklahoma Bucket List {yes, we do have one of those}.

We are making some exciting decisions up in our house these days, and I can't wait to share them with all of you. Don't worry friends, it'll be very soon.

But until then, I leave you with today's FridayFreeForAll.

Because who doesn't love a little magic for their Friday?

B.o.B ft Rivers Cuomo

And don't forget...feel free to leave your own suggestions for the next FridayFreeForAll!
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{Oh and all music videos must be appropriate. We are family friendly on this here blog.}

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  1. I haven't seen that video before. Was she eating cereal out of the bathroom sink?! Gross...except now I want some Fruity Pebbles.